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With the Animate On Scroll library, animations can be created in the blink of an eye for any element

Eye Catcher

With the right effects, you can easily point at, what your visitors should focus.
And by the way, everyone likes websites that convey a dynamic feeling.


Complete Control

The effects can be set for any element. You have full control over which elements should be initiated when, with what delay and which effect.


The AOS library can be integrated dynamically.
It is quite performant but if you still want to get every µ out of your pagespeed, you also can take your way without AOS. To enable the options for elements and to actually load the JavaScript, you have to activate it explicitly in a page or a subtree.

There are two easy steps to do this.

1. Open an extension template for the desired page in edit mode via the list view and add the item "Animate On Scroll" into the includes tab.

2. In the page properties on the resources tab, add the item "Animate On Scroll".

And there we go, you have all the options you need.

Pictures are worth than words

See a few examples here